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Savings, Service and Security

Mail Presort is a service that allows you to take advantage of large volume postal discounts with very little change to your current mailroom operations.

And we’re not new at this business either. We’ve been in business since 1992 and we have been servicing Dallas-Fort Worth area customers since 1999. Mail Presort partners with your mail operations by offering substantial savings for your outgoing mail including First Class, Standard Mail, Non-Profit, Bound Printed Matter and International.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a letter, postcard, flat, metered, permit or pre-cancelled stamp, bar-coded or not or even handwritten, we have the solution.

Even if your business should require mailing services in other cities, out network of operating service providers is available in most major U.S. cities.

We offer companies a multitude of services designed to save your company thousands of dollars, including:

Great Service

At Mail Presort we understand that cost savings is the key, but not at the expense of customer service. Our experienced management team is onsite every day to oversee operations and our account representatives are always available to help with any need. And best of all, when we quote a price, you have the satisfaction of knowing there are no hidden costs that occur after an agreement.


At Mail Presort, we take security very seriously. We go above and beyond other competitors with pro-active and vigilant security process of checks and balances.  And we don’t outsource couriers. All of our drivers are employed by Mail Presort and we use real-time GPS tracking allowing us to know where our couriers and your mail are at all times.

Call us today at (817) 626-9660 and we’ll have one of our client representatives show how you can start significant cost savings today.

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