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What We Do

Mail Presort picks up and processes mail from companies large and small in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Mail Presort specializes in First Class Mail, which is barcoded, sorted and delivered to the United States Postal Service (USPS) on a daily basis.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Mail is picked up by a Mail Presort courier at a specific time each day.  Mail is kept locked in the vehicle until delivery to Mail Presort.
  • Client mail is delivered to a secured acceptance dock where a quality mail check is performed.
  • Client mail is taken to the barcode/sorting equipment.
  • Client information is entered into the sorting equipment; the information consists of client code and quantity (if known).
  • Client mail is loaded on the sorter and processed at approximately 36,000 letters per hour.
  • As mail travels though the sorter, the address is read by camera and mated to the USPS database to determine the exact delivery point barcode for that address. The address only is read not the recipient name. The only information retained in our database, which is only shared with Postal Service, is Zip Code information.
  • The mail then has a delivery barcode sprayed on the lower right corner of the envelope along with a unique machine identifier code. The code is for USPS use to determine at any point, if we have incorrectly sorted the mail.
  • The mail barcode travels in front of a second camera to verify that that the barcode is correct for that address.
  • The mail then travels to one of 125 pockets assigned to a specific Zip Code or group of Zip Codes.
  • Mail is then placed in a tray and labeled to the proper delivery Zip Code.
  • Mail tray is then secured and tendered to the USPS for verification and acceptance.