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Our Services Will Help You Save Thousands

Mail Presort’s services allow you to take advantage of large volume postal discounts with very little change to your current mailroom operations. Our management team is always onsite to oversee daily operations and account service representatives are available to help you with any need.

Each of our clients is assigned a driver who will pick up your metered mail at a specific time each day. Our routes include the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas and we add routes and drivers as needed for efficiently services your needs.


Letter Mail Sorting

We presort your mail for faster delivery resulting in significant discounts in postage costs to your company. The sort equipment we utilize has the capability to process over a million pieces of mail per day.

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Flat Manifest & Sorting

Larger-size envelopes such as 9x12s, common referred to as flats, can be cumbersome to process. To aid in processing, we have invested in a state-of-the-art flat sorter from NPI. An added benefit is the fact that flats are no longer metered in the customer’s mailroom. For customers who prefer to apply their own postage, we offer other solutions.

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Metering Services

If your company does not have a mailroom, we can provide metering services on a daily basis. We can also act as an emergency backup mail center should your mailroom need support.

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The FASTforward ®system contains millions of permanent change of address records. This system allows us to automatically make the address change and apply the new address and barcode so that the mail piece is sent directly to the new address.

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Standard Mail Drop Ship

In some cases, we can offer deeper discounts for saturation mail destined for a single geographical region of the U.S. We sort standard mail several times each week.

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International Mail

The USPS offers discounted rates for properly sorted and prepared International Mail. These discounts are usually 10 percent below published rates. As with all mail sorting, this not only results in significant discounts in postal cost to your company, but also faster delivery.

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Advice & Assistance

Our staff has more than 100 years of experience in the mailing industry. This “century” of knowledge and expertise, combined with our numerous postal contact can get you all the answers you need quickly and hassle-free. That’s why we want to you think of Mail Presort as your one-stop shop for all your postal needs.

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