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Change of Address Issues? We’ve Got It Covered

Nothing is more draining for a large company than change of address records to their mailing database. Every company has them and they eat up time and money to change.  And now the USPS is no longer providing the black box computers to companies for FASTforward® and will not be able to replace your black box if it goes down. That means compliance issues and a loss of mail discounts.

No worries. Mail Presort’s state-of-the-art FASTforward® system contains millions of permanent change of address records, so we eliminate that major headache for companies so you can focus on other business aspects like the mailer itself. If your customer has a change of address on file the machine has that information on file, it then prints the corrected address on the envelope along with the corrected bar-code. All of this happens on-line and at the same speed of 36,000 mail pieces per hour.

Our system automatically makes the address changes and then efficiently applies a new address and barcode so the mail piece is sent directly to the new address with no muss or fuss.

Call us today at (817) 626-9660 and we’ll offer a solution that will make a difference for your business.

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