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First Class Mail

Isn’t It Time to Receive First Class Savings?

When you presort your first class mail you can save as much as 9 cents per piece than a Single Piece First Class stamp. This means the most important, time-sensitive letters, postcards and flats will receive First Class handling and faster delivery – and you’ll save both time and money.

We work very closely with the United States Postal Service. As a partner of Mail Presort, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits – from guaranteed per-piece pricing to presort mail solutions that are tailored for your company’s needs. And once we quote a price, there are no hidden costs to worry about afterward.

So how do we do it? Simple. Because we commingle our partners’ large-volume mailings, you’ll realize significantly lower postage and handling costs than you could if you mailed on your own.

You prepare the mailing – but we’ll do the rest. We’ll pick up your mail, perform stringent quality control, process and prepare in accordance with all USPS rules and regulations, transport and present being always mindful of security, cost effectiveness and enhanced delivery.

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