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Flat Manifest & Sorting

Take the Pain and Hassle Out of Costly Flats

One of the biggest problems companies face in their mailrooms is process larger size envelopes (9x12s) commonly referred to as flats.  Traditionally, this flat mail has required longer processing times and higher mailing costs. To reduce these pressures, you can significantly reduce the postage by combining Standard rates with Priority mail.

How prevalent is flat mail today? In 2007, Flats mail volume exceeded 52 billion pieces about one quarter of the total volume. That means that even more challenging mail pieces-such as catalogs, annual reports, company prospectuses and similar materials can be processed in a cost-effective and efficient fashion.

Mail Presort is fully equipped to handle this problem with a state-of-the-art flat sorter from NPI that makes this difficult process simple and fast.

Another added benefit for companies is the fact that flats are no longer metered in the customer’s mailroom.  And even if you want to apply your own postage, we can work with your and offer flexible solutions that work for your business.

Turn a complicated and costly process into a simple streamlined operation that saves you time, money and headaches.

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