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Letter Mail Sorting

Letter Mail Sorting Means Deep Postal Discounts

We presort your mail for faster delivery resulting in significant discounts in postage costs to your company. The sorting equipment we utilize has the capability to process over a million pieces of mail per day.

As mail travels though the sorter, the address is read by camera and mated to the USPS database to determine the exact delivery point barcode for that address. The address only is read not the recipient name. The only information retained in our database, which is only shared with Postal Service, is Zip Code information.

Because we commingle your mail with other clients, you receive volume discounts up to 9 cents for each letter and ensure a faster delivery time as your presorted mail is placed at the head of the line at the Post Office.

With commingling you can economically combine and ship mail thus extending your company’s impact, potential and reach while enjoying significant savings.

And you don’t have to be a large company. Smaller companies can reap the same benefits as larger companies. You only need a daily average of 500 pieces to take advantage of savings.

Call us now at (817) 626-9660 and find out how we can help you save.

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