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Standard Mail Drop Ship

Standard Mail Drop Ship Means Big Discounts

In February 1991, cost savings measures led the USPS to begin offering postage discounts for mailers who ship pre-paid, presorted, and palletized standard mail directly to regional postal facilities nearer the mail’s final destinations. The further into the postal system mail was dropped, the greater the postage discount. As an added benefit, drop-shipped mail bypassed most of the upstream USPS infrastructure which resulted in faster, more reliable in-home performance. With significant cost and time savings on the table, mailers across the nation quickly began taking advantage of destination entry postal drop shipping.

What this means is that Mail Presort can offer deeper discounts for saturation mail destined for a single geographical area. We sort millions of pieces of mail every day. Using our state-of-the-art technology, commingling your standard mail with others allows us to give you the best possible rate.  This is because of the volume we handle, and the automation that we provide ensures accuracy.

Our regularly scheduled daily pick-ups gets your mail to Mail Presort quic

How much can you save with Standard Mail Drop Ship? Call us today at (817) 626-9660 and find out.

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